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Applications Developer
    List Date: Tuesday, Jun 16, 2015 - 16:04:48
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Applications Developer

Alexandria, VA

The Application Developer will have demonstrated capability in developing multi-tiered applications based on the JEE specification deployed to Linux/JBoss/Oracle environment.  This position requires general knowledge of this style of application development and is looking for specialization within that discipline in the following areas: User Interface (GUI) development for web based solutions, to include experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript libraries (JQuery, Dojo).  Ability to quickly construct prototypes (wireframes) which evolve into product, knowledge of HTM5, mobile interfaces, Ajax and emerging UI standards and tools. Service Development to include experience with JBOSS EWS, REST or RESTful Services (implementations by Apache CXF, Jersey, RESTeasy), Jackson 2.0 for XML/JSON/Java conversion, MyBatis (OR/M), and Apache Axis for SOAP (legacy and external), and AWS Cloud Solutions specifically Simple Messaging Service (SMS), Simple Queuing Service (SQS), and Simple Notification Service (SNS) , and Search Services (SOLR) Case Management and Content Management systems. Database development against Oracle RDBMS, including knowledge of ETL.  This position is for application development, not a DBA. Past experience with applications built with CA:Gen (also called CA:CoolGen, CA:Advantage) – ability to understand logic and data to conversation to Java/JEE as RESTful web services

 Demonstrated experience in the following PROCESS, TOOLS, PERSONAL skills are highly desirable - Experience in a formal Agile environment including construction of User Stories, knowledge of process artifacts such as Backlogs and Burndown lists, and use of Agile management tools (preferred is Rally). Knowledge of integrated testing (test-driven design) which may include QUnit, JUnit, SOAPUI, or a variety of similar testing tools, favoring Open-Source versions. Knowledge of configuration management and build and continuous integration to include Maven, Subversion, Nexus, Jenkins, SONAR, and Puppet. Writing skills to maintain documentation for developers (design documents) operational support, and other technical organizations (e.g. build, release) Presentation skills focused on showing progress to stakeholders

 DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE – highly desirable - Knowledge of patents processes, especially examination process, application pre-processing, routing,  publications, and/or appeals processes.Knowledge of business process flow and record management/case management and other documentation-handling technologies (e.g. OCR, standards related to these areas, imaging, work flows, document lifecycle management) Knowledge of USPTO’s PALM application

 This position will be filled by a mid or senior Java Developer  well versed in building JEE applications to be deployed in a JBoss environment including Enterprise Application server, security, all aspects of the JEE standard (JMS, JAAS, JCA, JPA, Web Services especially REST).   More senior candidates will also be able to function as - technical lead by demonstrating experience in all layers of the architecture with the ability to address requirements, design, development, build, continuous integration, testing and test planning, deployment, and other SDLC-activities - solution architect by demonstrating superior writing, communication skills by translating requirements to solution architecture documents, detailed designs, and enterprise characteristics (high availability, security, integration with existing systems)

 Keywords- For Domain experience - USPTO , Patents, Patent Examiners,  Patent End to End (PE2E), MPEP,  Case Management, Knowledge of specific USPTO applications including PALM, OACS, PFW - For Process - Agile, User Stories, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Product Backlog, Sprint, SLAs, Epics, Themes, Rally, User Acceptance, Acceptance Test,  Velocity,   Scope Variance, information Radiator, Iteration, RELATED PRACTICES – Extreme Programming (XP), SCRUMXP, OpenRUP   For Technical– JEE, SOAP, REST, SQL, Enterprise Content Management (ECM or CMS), AWS cloud, Notifications (email, SMS, text), image editing)   SOA, Spring Framework, JBoss SOA-PJBoss jBPM, IBM WSRR, WS Security, , Oracle, IBM Web Sphere, IBM Broker, JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform (EAP),  ODBC, HTML, XML, XSL, Schema, JAXB, JAXR,  WS* specification, ESB, LINUX,, Kerberos/LDAP, Clustering, Load-balancing, Layer7 API Management, Hudson/Jenkins, ANT, JUnit, DBUnit, SOAPUI, Nexus  .



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