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For Employers

We are committed to working as an efficient addendum to our client's staffing efforts. Our team approach to recruiting enables us to quickly locate the most qualified applicants, sell the merits of the position to the candidate, negotiate salary, check references, and council the candidate through the acceptance process. We are committed to assisting our clients to find the best possible resources at the best possible price.

Our Mission

Each client receives the benefit of personal attention from our highly experienced recruiters. We implement best practice procedures to ensure the perfect match between client and candidate. We work together with our clients to ensure that we have a full understanding of the skills needed, salary parameters, personality traits required, travel issues to be taken into consideration, and work hours and environment. We select only those candidates that meet the requirements in all areas. Our mission to to ensure that the client's time is not wasted sifting through resumes of unqualified candidates.

Instead of receiving a lot of resumes, you will receive the right ones. Our reputation as a leader in the IT placement field is based on strong professional ethics, personal attention, and our ability to provide superior service timely and economically.

Flexible Services

Sigman & Summerfield understands that our clients' staffing needs are different, and may change over time. Therefore, we offer a variety of options that our clients may take advantage of. Candidates may be hired as permanent employees, contractors, or on a temp-to perm basis. This gives the client the flexibility to hire only the resources needed for the specific time that they are useful. It also allows the client the option to try out the candidate in the working environment to ensure that they perform up to expectation.


Compare our pricing with that of the competition. Our fee structure is very attractive, as we keep our overhead low by keeping our company lean and efficient. Our goal is to satisfy our client's staffing needs and help them meet budget expectations. We work with each client to provide superior professionals at the best possible price We stand behind each placement with a very attractive guarantee.

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