Monday, January 25, 2021


Sigman & Summerfield Associates Consulting is looking to provide more and more clients with Information Technology professionals. We constantly look for opportunities to become a dependable source for your IT needs. If you have any questions or requirements, please do not hesitate to call us. Sigman & Summerfield Associates, Inc., has been providing Information Systems Consulting Services since 1993. We address the IT staffing needs of our clients, specifically to provide business solutions through the application of technology with a broad spectrum of highly qualified IT professionals. We have assisted many of our clients with the completion of their projects timely and within budget.

We are very competitive with our pricing to our clients, often times less expensive than our competition for the exact same person. We can do this by managing other parts of our business much more effectively and efficiently, while using the same resources as our competition. It's more important for us to give our clients a good deal and to help reach budget expectations. We work with each and every client to provide them with top-notch consultants at the best price.

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